Here is quick info for how to take care of Pamuk and Kucuk:



Male. Aware of everything. Only likes to be petted by me. Likes eating, going out.



Female, shy, never gets aggressive. Likes dry food, affection, getting brushed.



Küçük sleeps under blankets. Sitting or laying on them without checking can be fatal.

For most of the time, paws won't be visibleFor most of the time, paws won't be visible


They jump on it and may accidentally turn it on or burn their paws.

Place the pan handle so that it block the turn on switch:

Handle blocking the switchesHandle blocking the switches

Being Locked Outside

Don’t close the windows when they’re outside.

If you’re leaving home, if they’re outside, make sure to leave the window open as informed in Letting Out section.

If they’re home, close the windows.

Letting Out

If you let them out, they’ll show up after some time by the window. Keep the kitchen window open, they will come back.

Place the half ball on the corner:


Adjust the lever, to make sure window won’t be closed by a drift:

To stop cold, you may push the kitchen door, so they can push it open when they come back.


You may let them out before going to sleep.


  • Take one pouch from this box for each cat in the morning:

For wet food, You may use flat plate instead of their bowl, to avoid cleaning. However, Pamuk will spill some food to the floor, put napkins under the plate.

Kucuk is shy, so Pamuk eats her food. To prevent this:

  • Put Pamuk’s food under kitchen table first.
  • While he is eating, put Kucuk’s food in bedroom, under the chair.
  • Close the door and leave her alone.
  • Pamuk will wait at her door, demanding opening the door. Don’t open, give Kucuk at least 5 minutes to eat, after which you may open the door.
  • After 10 minutes or so, they’ll want dry food, esp. Kucuk. Give them some.

Food in the pouch box will be over after three days. You can continue with the food in small boxes:

Share one box between two cats for morning, one for evening. So you’ll consume two boxes per day.

Don’t forget to rinse and change their water

Litter Box

  • There should not be much litter in the box, it should be around 3 centimeters deep
  • There is a bottom tray and meshed container on top, which lets the pee to flow to bottom tray
  • For couple days no cleaning is usually needed. You may take the turd from top with the shovel and stir the litter a bit
  • To clean, take the whole thing to bathroom, take away the top part and shovel off the stuff in the bottom tray to toilet bowl
  • You may add one or two fistful of litter after a week



BR_5 / XXXXX (Ask me)

Laundry Room

Rule: You have to take the room in one hour after booking time, otherwise the booking will be dropped.

Use following address to book it:

Username: 01551050
Password: XXXX (ask me)

You should book T26A or T32A.

You can use the Ikea bags in the wardrobe, I use them to carry clean laundry. For dirty, I use the gray box in the bathroom.


Use the top buttons on the remote to turn on / off the reading light in main room.

All the other lights have three stages brightness. Turn off - on to switch between brightness levels.

Dishwasher Soap

Dishwasher soap is in the cabinet, on the left side of vacuum.

  • The package doesn’t melt in the dishwasher you have to open it
  • Don’t change the location of the box