Here is quick info for how to take care of Pamuk and Kucuk:



Male. Aware of everything. Only likes to be petted by me. Likes eating, going out.



Female, shy, never gets aggressive. Likes dry food, affection, getting brushed.



Küçük sleeps under blankets. Sitting on them without checking can hurt:

For most of the time, paws won't be visibleFor most of the time, paws won't be visible

Being Locked Outside

You may leave the window open after feeding in the evening. To prevent window getting closed:

Place the half ball on the corner:


Adjust the lever, to make sure window won’t be closed by a drift:


  • In the morning, make sure that they are both inside and close the window.

  • Take one pouch from this box:

For wet food, You may use a flat plate.

Pamuk may spill some food, a piece of napkins under the plate can help.

Pamuk eats more wet food, sometimes I give ~70% of the pouch to Pamuk, and ~30% to Kucuk:

Wet food distribution. Pamuk eats ~70%, Kucuk ~30%Wet food distribution. Pamuk eats ~70%, Kucuk ~30%

To compensate, I give Kucuk more dry food:

Dry food distribution. Pamuk eats ~10%, Kucuk ~90%Dry food distribution. Pamuk eats ~10%, Kucuk ~90%

Pamuk eats Kucuk’s food. To prevent this you need to separate them:

  • Put Pamuk’s food under kitchen table first.
  • While he is eating, put Kucuk’s food in bedroom, under the chair.
  • Close the door and leave her alone. You may instead close the kitchen door, leaving Pamuk inside the kitchen.
  • Pamuk will wait at her door, demanding opening the door. Allow Kucuk to at least 5 minutes in piece, after which you may open the door.
  • Now you can give them dry food, again in separate rooms.

  • After feeding in the evening, you may open the window

Rinse and change their water once a day

Pamuk’s medicine

You may give Pamuk his pill on Sunday. I crushed the pills and made dust, and put them in a little glass, as shown in the picture below. You can pour it on his wet food.

Each glass contains medicine for two daysEach glass contains medicine for two days

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